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Dr. Hemant Gupta

Dr. Hemant Gupta’s 25 years of extensive expertise in Ayurveda medicine and holistic health continues to attract people of all cultures and lifestyle backgrounds.

Kamini Gupta

General Manager
Kamini Gupta’s experience with Ayurvedic cooking spans a lifetime. Being born in India, her upbringing and knowledge makes her a vegetarian gourmet. She has been offering Ayurvedic cooking classes for the last 12 years in North America. Her cooking tips and recipes are delicious, simple, healthy and healing.

Arvind Kamble

Vedic Astrologer
Arvind Kamble has been studying and practicing Vedic Astrology and Palm Reading for the last 40 years under well known masters in India and North America. Recently he has started to offer consultations and introductory lectures on these subjects at Shree Ma.

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