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The Holistic Ayurveda Institute and Wellness Centre offer a wealth of services and therapies. You will be greeted in a serene and peaceful environment.


We are very delighted that you decided to look into Everest Greens products. Everest Greens is a long awaited brainchild of Dr. Hemant Gupta DNM, MD, Ayurveda


This is a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of your own mind and body, and to learn how to improve you health with an Ayurvedic Physician. 


Interested in courses we offer at Holistic Ayurveda Institute? this training become ready for a fulfilling and rewarding career in Ayurveda.
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Dr. Gupta has been invited to teach at institutions in North America, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia to develop curriculum and conduct courses for physicians, medical professionals, and the general public.
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Intro to Ayurveda

For a complete beginner who wants to understand the basics of Ayurveda in depth ,Holistic ayurveda provides online ayurveda courses. In this ayurvedic courses you will learn the fundamentals of the ancient technique of healing with Ayurveda. This profound experience based healing system has been around for thousands of years and addresses the root causes of all our diseases. This procedure known as healing with ayurveda. By knowing this online ayuvedic courses you will understand:

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