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"Illness do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear."



Dr. Hemant Gupta, B.A.M.S, M.D. Ayurveda D.N.M

“Ayurveda is the oldest system of holistic medicine in the world.  The sages of Ancient India passed on the wisdom of Ayurveda to mankind through the ages for over 5000 years.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word where “Ayu” refers to all aspects of life and nature, and “Veda” means knowledge or learning at the deepest level.  Known as the science of life, Ayurveda treats the person as a whole – a combination of body, mind, and spirit. Prevention is a key tenet in Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic approach to health emphasizes prevention of illness, rather than simply waiting to cure it. Ayurveda also teaches us how to live in harmony with the laws of nature in our daily and seasonal routines.

Each one of us has a unique mind-body constitution. The primary focus for Ayurvedic healing is balancing our
constitution through greater awareness of our own natural health using a combination of food, lifestyle, yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, detoxification, and rejuvenation therapies.

The Holistic Ayurveda Institute and Wellness Centre offer a wealth of services and therapies, including individual health assessments, diet and lifestyle recommendations, herbal supplements and therapeutic treatments. You will be greeted in a serene and peaceful environment.

It is my sincere hope that we can help you discover your own unique nature and understand the effects of your actions so that you can be your best self. In the end, the treasures of Ayurveda will make it possible for you to live a longer, happier and healthier life.“
Dr. Hemant Gupta’s 35 years of extensive expertise in Ayurveda medicine and holistic health continues to attract people of all cultures and lifestyle backgrounds. Since receiving his MD degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, and a degree in Natural Medicine, Dr. Gupta has been consulting with and treating patients, conducting research, publishing professional articles, lecturing and teaching internationally on his findings.

Dr. Gupta has been invited to teach at institutions in North America, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia to develop curriculum and conduct courses for physicians, medical professionals, and the general public.

As associate professor and deputy director at the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine at M.U.M. in Fairfield, Iowa, he designed comprehensive undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. degree programs. While in Iowa, Dr. Gupta was on the advisory board of the Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention which is funded by the National Institute of Health to do research on complementary medicine.

Two premiere Ayurveda and panchakarma centers recruited Dr. Gupta for the Directorship of Ayurveda programs at The Raj in Fairfield, Iowa and later at The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts. He also developed and taught courses for Memorial University in Newfoundland and the Ayurvedic Academy of Canada in Toronto.

Over 10 years ago, he established the Shree Ma Ayurveda Institute and Wellness Centre in Ottawa. As Director, he provides a full range of Ayurvedic Knowledge from lectures and certification courses to clinical consultations and panchakarma treatment.


Kamini Gupta

General Manager

Dr. Sanam Gupta

Ayurvedic Physician





The Holistic Ayurveda Institute and Wellness Centre offer a wealth of services and therapies

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