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World Milk Day

World Milk Day 2022 Photos

World Milk Day

Human civilization is consuming milk for ages. Everyone knows the golden presence of nutrients in milk. On this World Milk Day, we shall put light on the ayurvedic importance of milk. As per the saying of Ayurveda milk posses’ unique nutritive value to humans which other food products can’t produce.

Mostly the general population consumes animal milk on daily basis. But the trend for alternative milk is on the rise. People are now preferring almond milk, soya milk, oat, and rice milk. Though they are typically lower in saturated fat and calories than animal milk.

Inclusion of milk in your diet does help in balancing all the doshas of the human body. The ayurvedic experts believe that milk does help in promoting ojas. Here, the term ojas refers to substances that the body produces for right digestion which aims at bringing strength, strong immunity along with cheerful nature.

But the right manner of consumption of milk is more important. If not done in the right manner it may produce more harm than benefits to human beings. Hence, always consume milk in the evening or nighttime for digesting it properly. Keeping certain intervals between a meal and milk for achieving the right effect.

It is recommendable to add ghee, turmeric, and ashwagandha for deriving more benefits from milk. In case you find it hard to digest milk then you may add ginger, cardamom, or black pepper to milk for making it digestible.

According to Ayurveda by consuming milk in the right manner you can easily nourish your seven dhatus. Being sattvic in nature fully loaded with nutrition for human beings. One such old method of drinking milk is “Haldi milk or Golden milk”.

It’s an old traditional milk drink with an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties. The golden color is derived from the inclusion of turmeric in the milk. It’s well known that turmeric has its medical benefits and heals the body from within.

Interestingly in Indian households’ turmeric is being added to every dish. It’s a hardcore part of Indian cooking. Daily consumption of golden milk works as an immunity booster and helps in the reduction of heart diseases.

Plus, people suffering from depression are highly advised to consume golden milk on regular basis. So quickly let’s learn the recipe for golden milk too.

Ingredients you need for golden milk

  • Milk (of course)
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)
  • Method
  • Take a pan and put the desired amount of milk in it
  • Then add a pinch of turmeric and a small stick of cinnamon to it
  • Boil above things for around 2 minutes
  • Pour it into a glass
  • Drink when the milk is lukewarm

According to Ayurveda the healthy way to consume milk is to take it before bedtime. This is recommendable for adults while for kids it is mentioned to take it during early morning hours. Moreover, avoid adding up any kind of sweetener to the milk.

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