Staying Young through Ayurveda

Staying young with Ayurveda

Cosmetic products and treatments are not the only way to stay young and have that teen-age glow that everyone wants to achieve even if you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or even 50’s. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay and look more youthful and younger every day. But there should be a fine line where you know what is too much and when you should stop. That can be the so not-good thing about cosmetics, and some people tend to abuse them, not giving any consideration to its’ side effect. 

If we start to make an optimal choice of changes in our lifestyle and habits, we can attain that beloved state of being that reflects wellness and youthfulness even late into our ages. Taking seriously the task to obtain balance over our health and well being, and being fully committed to set healthful daily habits, then one can attain the youthfulness everyone envies without doing any harmful procedures to our body.

Though you should accept the natural paradigm of aging, you can cheat this by looking younger and younger by day and make the best of yourself through Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, the “science of life” –  a traditional healing practice originated from – India offers some of the best natural remedies for treating illnesses a person may experience.  Ayurveda’s approach to staying and looking younger is with the use of anti-aging foods and healthy practices. Being a natural remedy, it offers good health benefits and has a lower risk for any unfavorable side effects. With Ayurveda, you will not be needing any expensive products or treatments; you can achieve this through a healthy lifestyle and discipline.

Here are some tips for you to stay younger, the natural way with Ayurveda:

Healthy Diet

Food is essential in Ayurveda. It recommends you to eat healthy and whole foods particularly vegetables and fruits. These foods are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins such as antioxidants and collagen which are two of the best properties you can have in fighting aging. Our “Agni” or metabolism is also significant as an imbalance of Agni will lead to indigestion resulting in the production of free radicals or body toxins that can block the body channels and speed up our body’s aging process. 

Try to avoid unhealthy foods such as processed, junks, too salty, and foods with added sugars. These foods can cause inflammation in our body causing to generate enzymes that make collagen breakdown in the skin, resulting in a speed-up of our aging process. Try to mix up herbs and spices as your ingredients in cooked foods as they are considered superfoods in Ayurveda.

Even if you are not after that youthfulness, always remember that our body needs healthy nutrients regardless of what you are trying to achieve.

Goodnight sleep

Is it not called a “beauty rest” for no reason; sleeping is just as significant as your diet and regular exercise. Sleeping is where your body repairs and rejuvenates your body’s tissue and skin cells. It also promotes the production of collagen which as we mentioned earlier, a nutrient that helps fight aging. So try to have at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep every night to promote youthfulness. Lack of sleep or even poor-quality sleep can speed up your aging process, so as much as possible, try to have a good quality sleep every night.  

Aside from staying young, you will have better memory, concentration, reduced risks of illnesses such as heart diseases and stroke, improves mood, and manage your weight. Make sleeping one of your priorities, and you will feel and look a whole lot younger.

Lessen your Stress

Less stress is best, right? Too much stress can negatively affect your overall appearance, thus making you look older and older. You can change this with a few tweaks on your lifestyle, proper stress management, and overall effort to just avoid stress as much as possible. Stress has always been a contributor to the faster-aging process, and that will never change, so you need to manage your stress properly and live a stress-free life that you can enjoy, and at the same looking younger and healthy day by day. Remember that stress can affect you, not only physically but also mentally. If you happened to find yourself stressed out, and overwhelm, give yourself a break. Try to keep your stress in check by balancing your work, personal, and relaxation time. “Health is Wealth” indeed. Relax your mind, avoid stress, enjoy life, live healthily, and look younger.


Exercise is recommended to everyone because of its’ health benefits. Obviously, it helps you manage your weight, lose fat, and build muscles. But these are not the only benefit you can get from workouts. Exercise can make you younger! Yes, you heard us right; the fountain of youth can be in your home or inside the gym.

Exercise increases blood flow, sends more oxygen, eliminates waste in our body, and keeps the cells healthy and vital. Then, when we sweat, our pores open up and purge the build-up dirt inside them that would otherwise clog up and cause blemishes. 

Try to do Yoga! Yoga is not just to make you fit and healthy physically but also will make your mind more active and robust. It can improve our immunity, toned our body, flushes out toxins, improve circulation of blood, boost our mind and concentration, and has many other health benefits.  Strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and pilates class are some of the different forms of exercise you can do to help you look younger. 

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