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“ As an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor to be, I have studied with the renown Dr. Gupta (B.A.M.S.,M.D. Ayurveda D.N.M.) for many years now and I know for a fact that Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle can truly be customized for everyone in order to meet their ultimate health and well-being needs. Through Kamini Gupta’s cooking classes, I learned how to do this in practice…she is a real master when it comes to bringing all ingredients to work in symphony so taste and goodness marry and bring not only satisfaction, but also balance, nourishment, and healing! I can say, Kamini’s cooking book is a real treasure for anyone who’d like to live long, happy, and healthy life! ”

Mariya Stancheva


Let Food Be Thy Medicine

By understanding the effects of certain spices, vegetables and herbs towards your Dosha (body mind constitution) you can learn to optimize your food for your health. This personalized approach will allow you to become your own healer by knowing how certain ingredients are physiologically more in tune with your dosha.

Nutritional Recipes That Enhance Healing

These tried and tested recipes have been handed down through the generations and improved for modern times. Each recipe will give you a Dosha indicator, that will provide you with an overview of how the particular recipe affects each dosha type. By including these recipes into your daily diet you will start to see many positive changes in your overall wellbeing and health.

What people say

"I am able to highlight the importance of food digestion compared to the cosmic connection attitude. Kamini is a beautiful and great teacher."
"This knowledge will enable a greater awareness of what I eat from now and the effect of some spices on me. Beautiful
Radhika S.
"Thank you very much! Kamini was patient, kind, warm heart, welcoming and an overall class very informative! Increased my awareness.


Kamini Gupta is the author of “Mom’s Secret Ayurvedic Recipes.” She is an Ayurvedic health practitioner and Yoga teacher for the past three decades, that has traveled and spread awareness around the world on how food can be used to promote self-healing and wellness.
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