The Ayurvedic Guide to Your Work From Home Life

Our homes used to be a place of relaxation after a tiring day at work. It’s a sanctuary to get an ample amount of rest that will recharge the mind and body to face yet another day. But suddenly, these sanctuaries are shifted to home offices to cope up with the changes brought by the pandemic.

It seems promising at first, who wouldn’t want to earn money at the comfort of their own home? While this may seem a relief for some, many are still bounded by an inconvenient working environment.

Picture yourself as a father and an office clerk at the same time. Imagine going back and forth between answering tons of emails and carrying your little one who’s crying over that toy you can’t buy online. The fact that the longer the creation of the vaccine is, the longer people have to put up with the tedious task of drawing even the tiniest line to separate these two seems worrisome.

Remember to breathe for a while and let Ayurvedic medicine shine a light on your dreading situation.

Today’s generation is widely influenced by the emergence of technology and solely depends on a ‘single tablet for that single hurt’ practice and old medicinal practices are often neglected. While drinking tablets may be beneficial in an instant, being used to it may not be good for your body.

Instead of targeting a single pain, Ayurveda suggests natural ways of healing yourself holistically according to a body type unique to you. Little practices in your everyday life can make your work from home situation more bearable.

Ayurveda aims to have a balance between the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—your mind and body principles.

Not aware of your predominant dosha yet? Take the quiz here: link.

After knowing this, do yourself a favor and read on.


Your body is your temple, it’s important to nurture it with the care it deserves especially at these trying times.

Yoga or stretches

Almost every work from home set-up requires hours of working on your desktop, which means, long hours of sitting.

Muscle sores here and there are ever-present. As surprising as it may seem, sitting for more than eight hours a day can be detrimental to your health. Studies have shown that this can cause diseases concerning your metabolism and an even higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How could you combat this?

Simply take a break.

You can do some quick stretches and even a minute of yoga session that will help you release some stored stiffness caused by working on your desk all day long. Yoga at home is very convenient. All you need is a mat and a trusted yoga video online.

Good quality rest

Enough amount of sleep is a crucial part of your well-being.

Your eyes needed sufficient hours of rest after hours of looking on your desktop or phone. Stop using these devices an hour before bed. You could also drink some tea and honey for better sleep. With this, you could be recharged for the next day.

Healthy diet

A diet for your body type could never go wrong. The food you eat is like the gasoline you put in your bodies to function properly.

Here’s the food suggestion for each primary dosha:

Vata Prefer sweet, warm, wholesome, fresh, well-cooked, small, and frequent meals. Avoid raw salads, cold food, dry food like crackers, and leftovers.

Pitta ­– Prefer sweet fruits and cooked green leafy vegetables. Avoid sour, spicy, fried, and fermented food. Also, ketchup, soya sauce, and sriracha. Avoid skipping meals.

Kapha – Prefer warm, light, and easily digested food. Avoid bakery items like pastries and sweet food like candies and ice cream. Avoid drinking cold water as well. Can skip breakfast.


The environment you are working at highly affects your performance at the job and in general. Consider these workplace set-ups depending on your primary dosha:

VataSince you don’t sweat a lot, consider setting your home office in a humid place. Working on a room with an air conditioner may not be suited for you. Warm places will make you feel safe and comfortable.

Pitta You need proper ventilation so make sure that your home office is cool enough to make you feel at ease. Consider opening your blinds and turning the lights on.

Kapha You may be a bit sluggish and don’t want to move your body a lot. So, sitting for a long time may not be advisable for you. Try working on a counter where you could stand when working, or a table and chair lofty enough for your needs. This set-up would balance your negative aspect of not wanting to exercise.


How nerve-wracking it is to be reprimanded by your boss via Zoom? It’s harder when you don’t have the place to let go of that infuriating event other than your current workplace, which may be… your home.

Working is hard on its own, imagine the intensity of the stress friction when you are faced with your personal responsibilities at the same time.

Keep in mind that your mental health is of utmost importance. Having it checked from time to time is highly beneficial.


Having a daily meditation practice even for a minute is a game-changer.

Silencing your thoughts is not the goal, simply be aware of them. Like, how many times you’d ‘wash the dishes just to wash the dishes’? People are always challenged by these conscious and unconscious floods of thoughts that focusing on a single task at hand requires much effort.

There are tons of guided and unguided meditation sessions that you could search on the web. Though this may be hard during the first times, you’ll suddenly find yourself being in tune with your mind as you go along. Meditation is not the solution, it’s just a practice you could do that will make positive changes in your life.

Hot baths and teas

Nothing is more satisfying than warm baths and drinking your warm cup of tea after a long day.

Ever wonder why you’re near to your breaking point and seems like everything about life feels suffocating? Maybe you’re not taking a pause to relax. As simple as it may sound, hot baths and teas can make you feel cozy inside and will help calm your mind.

Tea suggestion for each primary dosha:

Vata Tea – link

Pitta Tea – link

Kapha Tea – link

Balancing between your personal life and professional life can be such a hard task. But since you can’t do anything about the situation outside of you, try making some things to take good care of your insides through Ayurveda practices. No excuses.

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