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Get To Know Few Popular Treatments Performed In Ayurveda

If you are not much aware of Ayurveda, then you are certainly missing out on heaps of knowledge. According to this old study, your health and wellness majorly depends on your mind, body and spirit. So, one has to maintain a good balance of all these three to ensure good health. Ayurvedic experts state that the main goal of Ayurveda is to promote good health and there are specific treatments in the same that targets particular health problems.

Well-experienced practitioners of Ayurveda in Canada, it is believed that every individual is made of 5 basic elements which are found in the universe and they are earth, fire, water, air, and space. These when combined together, it forms powerful energies which are known as Doshas which allows the body to function smooth.

Popular treatments performed in Ayurveda

Nasya – This is one of the most popular therapeutic treatments in the field of Ayurveda which is all about cleansing and detoxifying the head. It is mainly related to the nose and is a process which is administered through the nostrils. 

This treatment is simple and it helps to relieve congestion. Luke warm medicated oil is used in this treatment, which is again customized according to the individual’s body type.

Vedic Facial – This is a complete facial treatment which is performed using herbal oils. The oils are massaged into the skin especially on marma points to liven up radiance of your facial skin. It is said that the marma points are directly associated with the Chakras, and it heals the body by eliminating toxins and impurities that gets absorbed into the skin. 

This therapeutic treatment aids in reducing tension, and it also improves the skin by regulating blood flow, which results in better sleep, mental clarity and balances vata, pitta and kapha doshas of the body.

If you are residing in Canada Ayurveda is extremely popular here. To find a renowned Ayurvedic centre near your home, all you have to do is search as ‘best Ayurvedic centre near me’ and get a list of options immediately. You can even ask for a reputed Ayurvedic wellness counselor who will guide you to the best of his/her knowledge. 


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