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Getting to Know Kapha

Did you know that chance of you being born is 400 trillion to 1?
This wonderful gift that we call life comes from a combination of the 5 elements (fire, water, earth, space, and air) and from our biological mother and father’s physiological processes at the time of conception.
Once we are born we must use what physical attributes we are given and become the best version of ourselves in mind and body.
Kapha is made of the earth and water elements of the universe.
Earth and water when mixed together creates mud, can be seen as glue like substance that holds everything together.
Other terms are concrete, stone, or a ROCK.
Without Kapha the body would have no structure or existance to it and so we would look a lot like the pancakes we make on Shrove Tuesday.
You get the picture?
You may notice these strong qualities in yourself or someone you know.
A person with natural Kapha like qualities will be a nurturing type of figure who is always there when friends, family or work colleagues need them. Listen to troubles and be there for them.
The Characteristics and Qualities of Kapha
• Oily (lubrication)
• Heavy (Big bones, muscle mass)
• Slow
• Smooth (kind personality)
• Cold (Cool skin)
• Stable ( Loyalty, Calm)
• Soft (Eyes, Kind hearted)
• Static (Slow)
From a visual point of view, you will recognize Kapha’s physical traits as being heavy, curvy, child-bearing hips, big muscle mass, big boned. They will have smooth gentle skin to touch with large eyes, thick and curly hair.
Kapha types have an excellent memory and will have good sleeps with nice dreams.
However the qualities that makes up Kapha types if increased too much can have the opposite effects.
There emotional qualities for patience, tolerance, being calm and collected can quickly change if imbalanced.
If Kapha is out of balance though, weight can be easily increased due to having naturally slow digestion and easily being attracted to eating an unhealthy diet.  
If Kapha fails to fix these issues, it leads to a disorder, manifestation and an unhappy life.
How to Balance Kapha
1. When eating food minimizes any liquid you drink to prevent digestion from being disrupted.

2. Only have sips of warm water to moisten the food if needed when eating.

3. Spiced drinks are great for Kapha such as ginger tea, or chai.

4. Fasting once a week will help the digestion process speed up and from being slow.

5. Spices in food are good for kapah. This will dissolve and dry any remaining excess of mucus in the body and allow heat into the digestive system.

6. Like attracts like, so sweet tastes should be limited. Foods that are cold, heavy, moist and oily and will only trigger kapha to become lethargic, put on weight and increase the liquid in the body (mucus)

7.  Eating an abundance of food which is grown from the earth is great for kapha.

8. Do not eat cold food, which is either from leftovers or a fridge.

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