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A Life Free From Disease – Ayurvedic Medicine

Decision making is something you must do daily to survive (big and small)
To keep your independence. To live a healthy life.
The choices you made yesterday represent where you are today, cannot be reversed, only changed and made better.
But, how do you make the right choices? When you are bombarded with daily advice from radio, TV, social media, friends, family and people you meet in the street?
How can you remove yourself from all the noise and know right from wrong?
For me, the answer to this question is about taking the time to know you!
 But how many of us really do?
Think about it for a sec…Do you really know who you are from a wellness perspective?
I believed I was living a healthy life until I found out my Mind and Body type (Pitta/Kapha) and found various foods more suitable and began to limit others.
 I’ve always been a typical Pitta, a leader, and naturally made my own decisions. But it never stopped me from listening to the advice of others along the way. 
Bruce Lee has a famous quote about using the information we receive.
“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own”
But not all people have the same mind/body type and can be “led” by what others believe is right and can ultimately backfire against us, have minor or major consequences.
There is a classic old cliché from the past, at times used to challenge the choices we make.
“If it’s not broke don’t fix it”
When you read that, what thoughts get conjured up in your head?
Something old?
But you decide to get a “few more years “out of it and see how long it will last?
And you know what…that cliché has saved me money over the years!

However, that same old cliché used for material goods tends to be used for peoples own health!
Talk yourself out of what the gut feeling is trying to tell us, put it to the back of the mind and ignore it…for a few more years.
Waiting until the body is under attack, showing noticeable or physical symptoms of a disease, examined by a doctor and confirmation of something more serious and possibly non-reversible.
I’m mean come on!
Why go through all that, when you have the answers through Ayurvedic therapies at your fingertips.

What Can Cause A Disease?
Continuous daily actions that put the own Mind and Body type out of balance, causes our bodies to become ill and pick up infections.
You become the accomplice to your own poor health.
Things like: 
• Poor Diet
• Stress from work or relationships
• Not having enough rest
• Negative thoughts and Impressions

Ayurveda’s daily rituals and guidelines help you deal with all that, in a way that your body agrees with and rewards you.
Mother-Nature is basically saying, you help me, help you!

How Does Disease Develop In The First Place?
Truthfully, I never knew, until I found out about Ayurvedic health, and soon discovered that disease develops through weakened body tissue from either living an unhealthy lifestyle, wear and tear in the body, past traumatic experiences or from a history of family illness.
We get taken advantage of when we are most vulnerable!

The Six Stages of Disease
Ayurveda see’s disease as developing in six different stages:
1. Accumulation
2. Aggravation
3. Spread
4. Localization
5. Manifestation
6. Complications

Accumulation is the first stage
Ever had a bloated stomach? Slow-moving bowels? Or just had absolutely no appetite to eat any food? Proper care and the removal of toxins on a daily basis from a better diet and Ayurvedic guidelines will return you back to good health.

Aggravation is the 2nd stage
If care is not taken in the first stage, it is likely that inflammation and problems in the body, such as colds, flu’s, heartburn, and sore throats will take place.

What do people normally do?
Go to the bathroom cabinet or local drug store for an easy fix, which only treats symptoms and not the root cause.

Spread is the 3rd stage
The word spread and health do not leave a pleasant thought in the mind. However, try not to be too alarmed. What is taking place is the disease “on the move”. It’s Spreading from the gut to different parts of the body.
Different Dosha types (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) will experience different symptoms:
• Vata – Dry skin, Tinnitus (Buzzing in the ears)
• Pitta – Acne, Irritable Skin
• Kapha – Feeling lethargic 

Localization is the 4th stage
Because the body tissue is now weakened and failure to correct it with Ayurvedic treatment, the disease begins to settle, and a noticeable difference is felt and visibly seen. The body is declining.

Manifestation is the 5th stage
In modern medicine, the disease would be confirmed and is almost irreversible.  Symptoms would include increased inflammation, chronic colds, and weakened bone tissue.

Complications are the 6th stage
Now at the 6th and last stage of the disease progression, the damaged tissue in the body is in a serious condition and Ayurvedic treatment is used with advanced modern medicine to manage and stabilize the condition.

These 6 disease stages can take many years to be fully recognized and it is never too late to start.
By practicing Ayurveda all that is “nipped in the bud” very early and by knowing more about “who you are” you will be able to create your own wellness fortress, built on what is right for you and nobody else. And treat symptoms long before they can do any harm to your body.


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