(anonymous) – Marma therapy 1 and 2

This highly practical course will help me to apply with more authenticity and respect for the traditions of the Marma therapy. Illuminating Respectful Fabulous so grateful! Thank you!

Kirsten B.- Edmonton – Therapies and experiences

I think the hands on part of the course was great because I can start using it right away, practice on my family and friends, and eventually integrate into my practice. I think a lot as an effective healing tool, especially in our society is changing very rapidly. I think it will be more useful. ...

(Anonymous) – Calgary – Therapies and experiences

I really appreciate that Ayurveda has a completely different approach to Western medicine. It was a pleasure to learn other ways to identify and correct imbalances in the body, mind and lifestyle . I especially appreciate how Dr.Gupta always related to what we learned back to basics (c. to d. ele...

Jeet G. – Edmonton – Therapies and experiences

It has already proven to be very useful on a personal level. Similarly professionally. I was able to help some customers recommending small and simple diet and lifestyle changes they can integrate into their daily routine to improve their health and how they feel. What I like most about ayurveda ...

Elaine H. – Whitehorse – Therapies and experiences

I liked when all the pieces were reconciliation and depth of understanding began to solidify or gel. It increased my appetite for wanting to learn more. The small group size, availability of instructor, and willingness to share information are all benefits of this course.

Wilda H. – Therapies and experiences

On September 30, at midnight, I received a horrible phone call that my sister was killed in a car accident. I immediately prayed for healing for me and my family and advice on how to treat this pain . I love my job and I knew I did not want to be away for a View Full →